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Nobel Prize in Physics announced!

Le 21 avril 2014, 09:31 dans Humeurs 0

Yesterday, the Swedish Royal Science Academy announced that the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics had been awarded to Serge Haroche and David J Wineland for their research and development of ways for measuring and controlling individual quantum particles. The researchers have developed these methods independently.


Haroche (left) and Wineland (right)


One of their discoveries involves the development of a super precise quantum clock, reportedly 100 times more precise than the current standard cesium clock. Erik Karlsson, professor at the institute of physics and astronomy at Swedens Uppsala University, stated that the new quantum clocks will likely become the standard in the future. The clock utilizes the trapping of paired ions in order to extend the reach of ultra precise optical spectroscopes.

The more important discovery involves the manipulation of quantum particles, which have opened the door to quantum computing, and could easily revolutionize the world in the same fashion as the development of the modern day computer has. Quantum computing utilizes principles such as entanglement and superposition in order to preform data operations: In basic terms, quantum particles are paired in a single quantum state, and whatever change is done to one of them, will affect the other. This change is independent of distance between them and the change in state is instantaneous.



This is a representation of a "Qbit", the basic data component in a quantum computer


Erik Karlsson continues to explain that the research team has proven that such a computer could be developed, but that it is uncertain whether we will see them within our lifetime. A computer, after all, has millions of parts and components, and mass producing such components is very different from proving a principle works.

During the press conference which announced the Nobel Prize, a secretary from the Science Academy phoned Serge Haroche who was in Paris. Many people, including Haroche, were not expecting him to win the prize, considering the high profile discovery of the Higgs particle earlier this year. It was within expectations that the prize thusly would go to Peter Higgs.

"It feels amazing," said the new nobeloriate. "I was out for a walk when I found out. I was so happy I had to sit down."

No warrant needed to search your mobile phone content in California

Le 21 avril 2014, 09:30 dans Humeurs 0


The next time you are travellingto California, you may want to leave your mobile phone and laptop at home.

A new ruling handed down by California's Supreme Court dictates that the police can now search throughthemobile phone's dataof an arrested suspect without a warrant, and use any data found against the suspect in court. The ruling brings up possibilities of searches conducted on a suspect's computer equipment such as but not limited to mobile phones and desktop and laptop PCs. All thesedo not require a warrant.

This ruling came about fromthe arrest of a certain citizen named Gregory Diaz, in 2007. Diaz has purchased drugs through a police informant and when investigators searched the contents ofDiaz's phone, they found damning evidence against him in the form of text messages,linking himto a drug deal. Diaz appealed against his conviction, saying that the searching of his phone was unreasonable.

However,the courtdisagree and asserted the rightfulness of the investigators' actions bystating that"thecellphone was an item (of personal property) on (Diaz's) person at the time of his arrest and during the administrative processing at the police station."

However, there are experts who disagree. "This ruling isn't just wrong, it's dangerous," says Rasch, Director of Cybersecurity and Privacy at computer security firm CSC, in Virginia. "It's remarkable, because it simply misunderstands the nature of these devices."

In fact, the new ruling is an irony against the face of the current law, which prohibits the searching of other personal effects such as briefcase without a warrant, except for a quick check for weapon possession. While professionals like lawyers plan to appeal against the new ruling, the warrantless rummaging of data from personal computer equipment carries on.

For now, enabling password protection on smartphones as well as personal computers, and the encryption of important personal data isthe wise move to make, if one is heading to California.

Source: MSNBC Red Tape

No Support For Netburst On Bearlake Chipsets?

Le 21 avril 2014, 09:30 dans Humeurs 0


Apparently, the next generation Bearlake chipsets (X38, P35, G35, G33, Q35, Q33)no longer support Netburst architecture. Therefore the current Pentium 4 andPentium D processors cannot or rather are not supposed to run on Bearlakeboards. However, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad are fine except for Core 2 ExtremeX6800 which only runs on X38. So officially, Intel do not support Netburst onBearlake to ramp the crossover to Core architecture.

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